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About Us

Sure, We Fish

Here at Suzhou Beyond International, we know carp fishing. In 2001, we started out specializing in the fabrication of bite alarms for carp fishing. Following the success of our bite alarms, we gradually expanded our business into a whole line of carp fishing tackle, including carp rods, Teflon Carp Hookstackle boxes, terminal tackle, bivvies (fishing tents), fishing chairs, fishing luggage, fishing line (braided fishing line, mono nylon line, and fluorocarbon line), rod pods, and landing nets, to name a few. Eleven years later, Suzhou Beyond International Co., Limited has come to be known as one of the best carp fishing tackle manufacturers and suppliers in China.

Our secret to success is making the product with our heart. It is not just fishing equipment, but an art for us. We believe that a great quality product should not only have superior function, but 阿also superior looks as well. With some assistance from our consultant, John Bate, a career fisherman in Europe, we made it happen. John has assisted us in the development of many tackles of our own design. Well thought out and field-tested before production, all of our products are user-friendly and of excellent quality.

Keeping an eye on quality and product development, we strive to provide the best product for our customers. Our creativity, commitment, and enthusiasm ensure that our common business is mutually beneficial for both parties.

Our experience and knowledge of the fishing tackle industry in China guarantees we will understand your fishing tackle needs, thus materializing and realizing it. All you do is to give us an idea and wait for the products.

Why choose Suzhou Beyond International for your fishing tackle needs?

Our advantages:

1.       We are very strongly committed to quality.

2.       We know how carp fishermen think and what they want.

3.       We guarantee quick daily communication on technical, quality, and commercial matters.

4.       We ensure shipment inspection and timely delivery.

5.       We have competitive prices.

6.       We are co-operative, flexible, and customized.

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