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Remote Bite Alarms Latching LED 6073

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Remote Bite Alarms Latching LED

3 PC Bite Alarms + Receiver / Carp Fishing Tackle

Very useful device for carp and course fishing

Alarms / Transmitters:

3 remote bite alarms

Running LED show normal run and drop back.

2 Sounds for normal run and drop back

Volume and tune modulation

Sensitivity modulation

Remote operation distance about from 100 meter to 120 meter

Water proof

Jack Plug for illuminated swingers

Each alarm has its own colour on the alarm head lights

Alarms are packed in a protective soft EVA case

Alarms run on 9 V square battery and full set of batteries are included

Night light


Receier / Sounderbox:

Receiver runs on 3 X AAA batteries ( supplied )

Self test function to check if the alarms are within the the wireless operation distance

Four color coded

Night light

Volume and vibration control

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